The importance of tropical rainforests and effects its destruction

Hence they are now under tremendous pressure to cut and clear rainforests to finance debt repayments. Indigenous Indians have also for thousands of years cleared forests through the slash and burn method on a small scale to rear their livestock.

CO2 accounts for about Many groups oppose rainforest destruction because of the important role rainforests play in our world.

If current deforestation levels proceed, the world's rainforests may completely vanish in as little as years, according to National Geographic.

HelpSaveNature Staff Approximately half of the living plant and animal species that exist on the planet today are found in tropical rainforests, and this fact in itself gives a rough idea about the amazing biodiversity that the rainforest ecosystem boasts of.

Why Are Rainforests Important?

There exist several such examples of destruction in various biomes of the world. This would lower the need for land to be cleared for raising livestock.

Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming

Over half the largest ranches in Amazonia have never sent cattle to market. The construction of pipelines and roads into the untouched areas of the forest also encourages the settlers to move into the forest and begin the slash and burn farming techniques or the extraction of timer for sale or charcoal production.

Hunting in the rainforests may seem fascinating, but loss of a single species here can result in domino effect on the entire ecosystem. Gas molecules that absorb thermal infrared radiation are called greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, these rainforests are highly vulnerable to deforestation through both human and natural means.

Tropical Deforestation and Global Warming

Deforestation has decreased global vapor flows from land by 4 percent, according to an article published by the journal National Academy of Sciences. All rainforests have a canopywhich is a layer of branches and leaves formed at the tops of the tall trees that make up the rainforest.

Constructions of Dams Construction of hydroelectric dam for electric production especially in developing countries is among the destructive drivers of rainforests. Temperate Rainforests exist in more temperate regions, between the tropics and the poles, including North America. Both countries share the same island, but Haiti has much less forest cover than the Dominican Republic.

Why Are Rainforests Important?

The country with the most deforestation is Indonesia. The declaration includes a summary of the basic causes of deforestation and this article is based on that summary. Prevent Flooding, Soil Erosion and Siltation Rainforests are surprisingly preventers of the soil erosionsiltation and flooding.What are Rainforests?

Importance of the Rainforests. In West Africa for instance, the droughts in the south of the Sahara Desert is associated with the destruction of rainforests.

Tropical rainforests also regulate temperature increases linked to greenhouse gases. Tropical Deforestation and Global Warming Image: H Dragon/Creative Commons (Flickr) Tropical forest trees, like all green plants, take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis.

There are three main effects of the deforestation of tropical rainforests; environmental, social and economical. Each are devastatingly affected by deforestation, whether it be the Western World that feels the effects economically, the natives that show the effects in produce or the animals that die as a result of deforestation, all are affected.

Some of the most important trees in the world live in rainforests. Even though the nearest rainforest may be a long ways away from you, you still benefit from rainforests every day. Tropical rainforests feature a wide variety of tall trees, diverse populations of plants and. 25 percent of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from the rain forest – yet less than 1 percent of plants and trees have been tested.

More than half of the world’s 10 million species call the tropical rainforests home. Nearly 80 percent of the developing world’s diet originated in the rainforest. By most accounts, deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads.

The importance of tropical rainforests and effects its destruction
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